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기출자료: 2015년 고1 영어 전국연합 모의고사 Q 33 

It is not always easy to eat well when you have a newborn baby. It can seem like you do not have time to prepare tasty nutritious meals or even to eat them. You will need to learn the following trick. Try not to wait until you are really hungry to think about eating. When you have a newborn baby, preparing food will probably take longer than usual. If you start when you are already hungry, you will be absolutely starving before the food is ready. When you are starving and tired, eating healthy is difficult. You may want to eat fatty fast food, chocolates, cookies or chips. This type of food is okay sometimes, but not every day.

Many people believe that their intellectual ability is hardwired from birth, and that failure to meet a learning challenge shows how bad their native ability is. But every time you learn something new, you change the brain — the residue of your experiences is stored. It’s true that we start life with the gift of our genes, but it’s also true that we become capable through the learning and development of mental models that enable us to reason, solve, and create. In other words, the elements that shape your intellectual abilities lie to a surprising extent within your own control. Understanding that this is so enables you to see failure as a badge of effort and a source of useful information — the need to dig deeper or to try a different strategy.

If we are what we eat, what is your teenage child? A bag of chicken and chips? A kebab? Litres of fizzy drink? The benefits of healthy eating and exercise are well documented and it is silly of us, as parents, to think we can feed our teens mostly junk food then expect them to perform at their best. In this age of pesticides, hormone treatment additives (hence the well-built structure of today’s pre-teens), etc. that are in foods, both parents and teens need to understand that mental and physical well-being are aligned with what we eat. Depression, aggression, lack of focus, headaches and so much more can be improved with the right foods. Be open to this, for yourself and your young person.

What was a core competence in one decade may become a mere capability in another. For example, in the 1970s and 1980s quality, as measured by defects per vehicle, was undoubtedly a core competence for Japanese car companies. Superior reliability was an important value element for customers and a genuine differentiator for Japanese car producers. It took more than a decade for Western car companies to close the quality gap with their Japanese competitors, but by the mid-1990s quality, in terms of initial defects per vehicle, had become a prerequisite for every car maker. There is a dynamic at work here that is common to other industries. Over long periods of time, what was once a core competence may become a base-line capability. Quality, rapid time to market, and quick-response customer service — once genuine differentiators — are becoming routine advantages in many industries.

More than 2000 years ago, Aristotle wrote that happiness is a condition. It is not something that is achieved by pursuing it directly; rather, it is something that comes out through our engagement in purposeful activity. This is the statement of the law of indirect effort. This law simply says that almost anything we get in life involving emotional experiences comes to us indirectly rather than directly. It comes to us as a result of doing something else. If we pursue happiness directly, it eludes us. But if we get busy doing something that is important to us and make progress in the direction of our dreams, we find ourselves feeling very happy. Self-confidence is also subject to the law of indirect effort. We achieve higher levels by setting and achieving even higher goals and objectives. As we move forward, step by step, once we feel ourselves advancing in life, we feel better and more capable of taking on even more challenges.